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“…I appreciate what your organization has done to help Texas inmates…I am proud that Texas Legislature passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 44 in 1995, a key part of my faith-based agenda, which directs state and local officials to let faith-based groups play a greater role in rehabilitating criminal offenders.

Your proposal responds to that call and recognizes that crime must be treated as a moral crisis if we want to ensure that ex-offenders remain ex-offenders. Research demonstrates the potency of religion, crime’s age-old enemy, to remold offenders’’ basic beliefs and attitudes and help them re-enter society successfully. I have seen our culture change once in my lifetime, and I believe it can change again for the better. To effect a lasting difference in the lives of inmates, and make our neighborhoods safer, we must demand that offenders take personal responsibility for their actions and urge them to live within the moral guidelines that religion offers.

Texas needs people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and lead armies of compassion to help others. I am pleased that you have volunteered to be a general in one of these armies to bring faith based help to Texas inmates. Keep up the good work."

George W. Bush
President of the United States

“I’m very pleased to congratulate you on your proposal for Habilitation House. When I sponsored the Job Training Act in 1982, I certainly believed it would do a lot of good, but I must admit that I did not envision how it might be offered to inmates in need of a break. It took your vision to see how JTPA could help prisoners to repay their victims and restore themselves. Some correctional programs seek to help prisoners by absolving them of responsibility, but that doesn’t help a person, it destroys them. It undermines any hope he has of making amends. There is an expression that says, ‘work is love made visible’. I might add to that: ‘work is repentance made visible’. By offering work to the prisoner with part of his earnings used to make reparation to the victim, you are putting that truth into daily action. Again, I commend you. May God bless your efforts.”

The Honorable Dan Quayle,
Former Vice President of the United States

“Based on your program plans, the building layout, and the management team you have assembled, it is clear to us that you are proceeding well toward the operation of an ACA accredited facility. We wish you well and look forward to working with you.”

Hardy Raugh, Former Director, Standards & Accreditation
American Correctional Association

“There is no doubt in my mind that the work done by your organization, for people who have been incarcerated, is extremely valuable to us all. We all gain when people can find an avenue that helps them get back on the right tract so that they can once again be contributing citizens in the society.”

The Honorable Dick Armey, Former U.S. Congressman

“I am very excited and pleased that the Texas Department of Human Services (TDHS) can be of assistance in your plan to return inmates to society as contributing citizens and family bread winners. I applaud you for your creative an innovative approach to help prison inmates return to society as productive citizens. When this occurs, everyone wins and TDHS is pleased to be a participant.

Anthony J. Venza, Jr.
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Programs
Texas Department of Human Services

“I can’t find any reason to oppose the CCI proposal based upon Church/State issues, inmates’ rights and treatment and/or constitutional guarantees.

Mannett Dodge,
Former Director, Dallas Civil Liberties Union

“This approach offers an opportunity for accountability and responsibility and the real possibility for a productive life after release from confinement. CCI presents a unique and effective program for prisoners looking for a clean start in life, and I applaud your efforts."

Ken Armbrister, Texas State Senator
Former Chairman, Criminal Justice Committee

“I have observed the tireless and relentless efforts of Corrections Concepts, Inc. for many years. I am thrilled that CCI is making considerable progress toward the possibility of initiating Habilitation House. Our current correctional systems in the US are simply not working. We are not rehabilitating inmates, and the result is high recidivism, leading to more crime and more victims. You cannot hope to change a man unless you change his heart, his mind, and his ability to perform an honest occupation when he is released. The CCI program of combining spiritual, occupational training, and personal responsibility is one that offers hope for the future, and I sincerely endorse this effort."

Charles T. Terrell
Former Chairman
Texas Board of Criminal Justice

“…it seems that you share our values of rehabilitation, vocational and educational programming. I believe these to be paramount in the betterment of any inmates. As well, its I my belief that spiritual growth is mandatory for myany inmates if they truly want to change their lifestyles.”

Ashley Nellis

“The CCI program is constitutional and does not violate the Establishment Clause. It fulfills the important and secular governmental objective of housing, rehabilitating, vocationally training, safely and productively reintroducing prison inmates to society, and reducing recidivism with post-release services and tracking. Pursuant to the Witters-Zobrest-Rosenberger-Agostini-Helms-Good News Club and Zelman line of cases it is clear faith-based programs may help fill the secular purpose of a state program where the participants voluntarily elect to participate and secular (state) alternatives are available. Only those inmates choosing to participate in CCI’s program may do so, and all have the alternative of simply choosing to stay within a state run program or choosing alternative private programs. CCI”s program is the product of private choice in a circumstance where options exist. As such, there is no constitutional bar to its participation as a BOP or state prison program.”

Colby M. May, Director,
Office of Government Affairs and Senior Counsel
American Center For Law and Justice

“I am committed to a more positive approach of corrections. A redemptive philosophy such as that embraced by CCI would be extremely effective in producing new men and women and good patriotic Christian citizens.”

Richard P. Rettig, Ph.D., Former Chairman, Criminal Justice,
Central State University, Edmond, Oklahoma

“Thank you for a plan that will at last direct the offenders toward responsibility for their own actions and create an ability for them to compensate crime’s victims for their terrible anguish and pain.”

Bob Stearns, Chairman, VIGIL
(A coalition of victims organization)

“I appreciate what you are doing to find creative and effective ways to help improve the prison problems in the state and I would be thrilled to see a Humaita project in the states. What a tremendous witness that would be. As ex-prisoners ourselves, you and I recognize that the only true thing that will change the system is the changed hearts of men and women behind bars. I am thrilled that we are co-workers in this effort to bring the Gospel to those in prison and to bring new life and light where there is such darkness. You have certainly shown perseverance and the Lord rewards that. God bless you in your work there in Texas.”

Charles W. Colson, Chairman, Prison Fellowship

“Having been aware of CCI and its efforts and after reviewing the CCI proposal, I would ask you to please give serious consideration to the completeness, legality, community acceptability, not-for-profit Christian motivation, and viability of this private/public partnership.”

Bill Glass, Prison Minister

“We at Teen Challenge would welcome the opportunity to partner with you in whatever way possible. Together our efforts would not only assist individuals in delivering them from prison; but also freeing them from the bondage of sin, as they celebrate a new life in their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Thank you for the great initiative that you have undertaken to move forward with this endeavor.”

John Catellani
President, Teen Challenge International

“I have known Bill Robinson for over twenty years and was with him in the beginning of the dream for the development of the CCI concept. It responds to our desperate criminal justice dilemma of dealing with offenders in a way that is a just response to their actions, but prepares them to reenter the outside world as contributing and positives elements in our society. The recidivism rate is greatly reduced and it is such a remarkable response to the challenge of helping offenders return to their homes and a job. I know that the proposal deals with legal authority, point by point answers, , and non-profit motives. I know from being a part of their planning, correspondence, and presentations, this group wants to see the hearts, minds, and lives changed. If these offenders become responsible citizens, never to return to prison or pose a threat to society, then everyone benefits.”

Dr. James T. Draper, Jr.
Former Pastor, First Baptist Church, Euless,Tx.
President Emeritus, LifeWay Christian

“I appreciate the opportunity to learn that my wife and children could have a safer home-a home less likely to be ravaged by the failures of a struggling criminal justice system. I especially appreciate the opportunity to be involved in CCI’s life-changing ministry, parallel to those of Dwight Moody and General Boooth."

Dr. Paige Patterson, Seminary President

“I sincerely believe this habilitation and reintegration program is a concept whose time has come, and in my judgment, it makes common sense and Biblical sense. I am convinced that this concept is worthy of implementation. When God’s law and man’s law travel the same course, much can be accomplished for the good of human kind.”

Dr. D. James Kennedy
Former Senior Minister
Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church