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LogoAlbert Einstein said, " Insanity is doing the same thing the same  way and expecting different results."  Sadly, there are many in the criminal justice industry that do not want different results.  There are also a few Godly and principled people in prison management but they have inherited a system that only God Almighty can transform.

This is God's enterprise, God's project, not man's.

Those Godly and principled few who do care seem to be overcome by political pressure, timidity, or threats to their job security.  To those we ask, "What is your passion?  What will be your legacy?"

William Wilberforce ruined his health abolishing the slave trade in British Empire.

The signers of our Declaration of Independence lost their fortunes for freedom.

Martin Luther was denigrated for his spiritual stand.

Martin Luther King was martyred for his dream of racial equality.

Ronald Reagan dared all to bring down the Berlin Wall.

What is your passion?  What will be your legacy?

We need to remember, "On that day, all believers will stand in front of Jesus to be held accountable for their deeds and misdeeds, their actions and inactions."

If you're one of the many that do not want different results; if you are one of those that doesn't want to change criminals into citizens, do not want to reduce recidivism; want to appear tough on crime but not smart on crime; don't believe this initiative is God appointed and God anointed, but want to continue the status quo that generates more money and builds on the already failing prison empire, please do not waste your time on this web site.

If you are one of the caring few, please explore the documented information on this web site.  You will be enlightened and encouraged.

Until the prison industry gives responsibility with matching authority to the church/para-church, it will continue to be management by crisis of their creation and the unrepentant criminal will gain more and more control of our society.

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